Fees include full days of jazz tuition, course materials; plus accommodation, continental breakfast, lunch, evening meal with wine; full use of facilities, including bar, restaurant. Electric Pianos, keyboards, drum kits, Mics, PAs and some amps are provided. Partners welcome.
€ 1100
single room, en-suite
per person (two sharing)
€ 600
non-participating partners*

*Partners, spouses or friends not studying on the course, sharing the student's room.
€ 800
offsite students
€ 500
offsite partners eating onsite.

If you live in the area or choose
to rent your own accommodation, you can join the course as a
non-resident paying fees for
tuition and food only.
€ 600 (one price on or offsite)

Special discounted flat-rate for those in full-time education. (18-24) Proof required (ie NUS card, Student ID card etc.) Possibly sharing more than two to a room. Some manual labour involved (carrying the odd amp around etc.)
€ 200

We require this deposit to be
sent at the time of booking for
each person. (including partners)

€100 reduction for booking both weeks. (discount not available at Student Rate)
Within the Chateau itself in double rooms with single beds and en suite shower room/toilet. Facilities are functional but under constant renovation as the Chateau is an ongoing project. SINGLE ROOMS are not available at the Chateau, but we can offer advice on finding outside accommodation in the local area.

*Please Note* - This is not five star luxury - see the slide-show on the left for a look at the rooms. If you require greater comfort the local hotel offers a high standard of accommodation with air-conditioning and a pool. It's possible to walk but realistically you'll need a car.

Another alternative is to hire your own "gite" (holiday cottage) in the vicinity, but once again you'll need a car as there are very few within walking distance.
We welcome payment in EUROS, by cheque, direct bank transfer, or via WISE, or REVOLUT with a credit or debit card. For UK customers wishing to pay in POUNDS STERLING we offer a currency exchange service giving you a  price in pounds when you book and bank transfer.
Prices are in Euros and sterling (£) or rates are worked out when you book. To avoid currency risk you can pay the total when you book. Exchange rates may improve, but remember that they can move against you as well as in your favour.

If you wish to pay directly in euros (ie not a converted Sterling rate); please contact us first and we will arrange it (the bank details are slightly different as it is a French bank). Some UK banks such as LloydsTSB are offering direct bank transfers to EU nations from online banking.
Dordogne Jazz Summer School
If you wish to use a different currency (ie DOLLARS) you will need to convert in it into EUROS or POUNDS. Contact your Bank for advice, bearing in mind that you will need Euros to spend when you are in France.

If you have any queries about accommodation or any queries about music tuition, pricing, bookings etc. Please Contact The Dordogne Jazz Summer school for details.
Dordogne Jazz Summer School
Jazz Summer School Students
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  N.B. There are limited places on the jazz summer school. So please book as early as possible.
Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If in doubt EMAIL   mob +44 79 4192 72578